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About Us


Our Mission

To inspire individuals towards the process of self-discovery and empower them to achieve their desired health, wellness and performance goals. We are committed to promote health and wellness equity for all.

Our Company

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start Salutation Fitness and Wellness.

I am bringing 17 years of my experience from different parts of the world. I am trained to assist our clients with motivation, attention deficit, exercise, functional movement training, fitness nutrition, behavior change, develop skills to manage stress and sleep hygiene.
SFW is a mission driven company. We are outcome focused and we give measurable results.

We believe in whole-person approach and we respect every individual unconditionally. This concept has roots in ancient India. The word “Salutation” is synonymous to “Namastey”, a word in Hindi language which means I bow to your personality. This is also the core value of our coaching practice and spirituality is the center of our programs.

We offer health coaching services to all adults, all conditions and sportsman. We also provide premium fitness services to older adults over 65 years of age.

About Our Services: How it works?

Our both services are individually tailored and are delivered one on one basis. We start with the free health screening. We highly encourage our clients to complete the Health History Questionnaire and Physical Readiness Questionnaire (if applicable) well in advance before our first meeting. These are lengthy and time-consuming forms and we would like to dedicate our sessions specifically for the coaching process.


The start date and time of the first session and all the remaining sessions are decided by the client.

For Health Coaching : Pick one day and time and remaining sessions will be held on the same day and time. For example, if you pick Thursday 4pm for the first session then all the remaining sessions will take place at every Thursday at 4pm. If you change your mind later, I will modify it in our first meeting. If you booked only first session, I can manually book remaining sessions for your preferred day and times.


Health Coaching & Fitness For Older Adults: You book the first appointment. I will add two exercise sessions per week with a gap of at least 48 hours per your preference and one health coaching session according to your programs you sign up for. You may individually sign up for only Health Coaching Program and Fitness for Older Adults or sign up for both. We will book your sessions accordingly. 

We are deeply committed and passionate about our client’s progress and we offer our continued support and encouragement in between the sessions (via text/call/email whichever method is preferred by the clients), track successes and setbacks, and provide resources, tips and strategies to facilitate on-going progress.

Health Coaching

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Health Coaching is designed for all adults. First session is typically scheduled for 60 minutes or longer duration to jointly develop coaching agreement, sign contract form and complete other formalities.

We collaborate with clients to develop the specific self-directed goals and strategies to achieve them. 

Later, we meet regularly with the clients once a week on the same day and same time for 45 minutes per session.

For now, all coaching sessions are organized  virtually on the platform of client's choice.


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Fitness For Older Adults

This program is suitable for everyone above 65 years of age. We begin with initial screening with forms like Health history and Physical Activity Readiness. We also perform simple physical assessments to know the status and the areas of concern to design the tailor-made program just for you. 

Athlete Concentrating
Plus Size Model
Basketball Player

The appointment for assessment is in addition to the coaching sessions. The exercise sessions are 45 minutes long and frequency is twice a week with a gap of at least 48 hours.

This program is focused on achieving  greater strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and improved cognitive health.

All coaching sessions are organized  virtually on the platform of client's choice.

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We would be incredibly happy to be a part of your journey!

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