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We are HIPAA compliant

that means we protect the privacy of our clients. 

I am the person in the driving seat to make my own decisions and now I have greater awareness. I am more accountable to myself. I learnt how to increase energy expenditure built-in my busy schedule. I feel, I have flexibility and choices in eating, I am not tied to some restricted diet plan. I am done with relapses. This has been a life- time of learning.

I got return for my money in multiple folds. I wish many more people get connected to Dr. Anita to enjoy the benefits.


I was not a very fitness-oriented person before meeting Miss Anita in 2012. She challenged and motivated me in the ways that were quite interesting. I soon found sports and exercising fun and it is a part of my routine now for years. I am in a healthy weight zone. I am so thankful to Miss Anita for inspiring me.

-Sithy Zubaidah

I look back at my life how it was and how it is now. Dr. Anita changed my perception completely. I always, under-estimated myself that I cannot exercise and it is not for me. Dr. Anita inspired me and guided me with exercise basics, principles and various training methods to make it interesting. She also provided me to study a lot of verified nutrition related info and how to adopt it in my daily life.

I know her for years now and she is my favorite go to person to get the latest. She was always there when I wanted her guidance and that gave me huge confidence to make changes and sustain them.  I truly adore her. I highly recommend her coaching programs.

- Shahad

I did not grow up around very healthy choices in our household. Lot of sugary, fried stuff and what not. I thought that was the way of living. That lifestyle contributed to my various health problems. I was scrolling through internet and I read about the programs of Dr. Anita and I bought it. I was opened up to whole new world. I got so many validated resources to educate myself. Dr. Anita guided me how to bring about changes. She supported me at each step, and I was never alone in this journey.

Now, I have less visits to physician, I remember to take my medications, my blood pressure and cholesterol is under control. I am more active at work and have more energy to play with my kids.


I learnt the value of sound sleep and how to achieve it every single night. I had a bad routine for years and it was not easy. Dr. Anita provided me the resources to study and inspired me to make the conscious change.

Yes! Old habits die hard. But I did it!! Now, no more late-night binge eating episodes. I wake up fresh and energetic every morning. I have no excuse not to exercise.


We are HIPAA compliant.

Some of the reviews have fictitious names to protect the privacy of the clients.

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