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Say Cheeeeeeeeese :) on National Cheese Day, June 4th!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Some Quick Cheesy Facts:

Cheese is nutritious food made mostly from the milk of cows and also from sheep, goat, buffalo, reindeer, camels and yaks.

There are variety of cheese available all over the world with different names, kind of milk used and by texture.

There are all kinds of cheese for different seasons and recipes as well.

Some popular names are Cheddar, Longhorn, Reblochon, Camembert de Normandie, Oaxaca, Brillat-Savarin, Comte, Butterkase, Abondance, Adelost, Port-Salut, Queso Blanco, Paneer, Limburger, Colby, Fresh Mozzarella, Stilton or Parmesan, Chevre, Aged Gouda, Burrata, Halloumi and Pecorino.

The most commonly prepared cheese recipe in the United states is 'macaroni and cheese' .

Cheese was the top category of specialty food sales in 2015.

There are nearly 1000 artisan and specialty cheesemakers in the U.S., according to

ACS's 2018 survey.

Now, CBD infused cheese is also available. It is prepared by extracting the chemical compounds from cannabis and is a natural health supplement. It is safe and legal to buy and consume and it will not make you high :).

Organic cheese is known for its superior taste, health benefits, animal welfare and great environmental value.

One of the most frequently prepared cheese recipes in India is Palak Paneer.

Cheese is a great source of calcium, fat, and protein. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A and B-12, along with zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Cheese made from the milk of 100 percent grass-fed animals is the highest in nutrients and also contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2.

SAY CHEEEESE :) to Our Health and Wellness!!

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